After several years of providing pro bono technical assistance to networkers in southern Africa, Peru, and several other countries, the Network Startup Resource Center was formalized in 1992 by Randy Bush and John Klensin with a grant from the US National Science Foundation. The NSRC thanks the NSF for their extensive and consistent support since that time. We would especially like to acknowledge the vision, inspiration, and guidance provided by Dr. Steven Goldstein during his tenure as the NSRC's Program Officer for the NSF.

We would also like to thank all of the NSRC's sponsors that have supported our Internet development and tech training activities over the years.




Richard M. Karp Charitable Foundation




Vint and Sigrid Cerf
James Forster
Joel Jaeggli
Randy Neals
Jim Williams
Suzanne Woolf










FRENIA: Fostering Research &

Education Networking in Africa

Walnut Creek/FreeBSD Mall

Organization of the American States

O'Reilly Foundation

Sears, Fram and Associates, LLC

United Nations
Development Programme

Foundation for Research Development
National Research Foundation

The World Bank


The NSRC is a non-profit activity, based at the University of Oregon. Thanks to Network and Telecommunications Services at the University of Oregon for providing our IP connectivity and for hosting NSRC lab equipment that we use to provide IP services for various international networking projects.

For information about how to make a tax-deductible gift to support the work of the NSRC, please contact us by email at, or by telephone at +1 541 346 3547.